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Sausage Bread That’s Fit to Eat

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I felt it was the right time to throw this great snack recipe your way. So crack open a couple of PBR’s and let’s dive right in:


2 Large Italian Country Loaves

2 Pounds Hot Italian Sausage

1 Large Vidalia Onion Chopped

2 Large Eggs

1 Tablespoon Jack Daniels Horseradish Mustard

1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt   

1 Teaspoon Garlic Pepper

½ Stick of Salted Butter

2 Tablespoons Crushed Garlic

2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese

1 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

Begin by pre-heating your oven to 400*. Cut the loaves in half length wise. Make a trench in each half using a bread knife or your fingers (if you use your fingers, don’t pass that bit of information on to any germophobes in your midst). Set aside. 

Brown the Sausage and Onion in a large skillet. While the meat and onions are browning, slice the bread you removed into small pieces. In a mixing bowl, combine Sausage and Onions, Bread, Cheeses, Eggs, Mustard, Salt and Pepper. Mix thoroughly. Spoon mixture into trenches and sandwich the halves together with large toothpicks. In a small skillet, melt butter and stir in crushed garlic. Cook until garlic starts to brown. Brush over the top of both loaves. Wrap loaves in aluminum foil; leave a small opening to vent. Bake the loaves at 400* for 20 minutes, or until heated through.

This recipe will feed 8-12 people, or 4 Firefighters (it once fed 2 Firefighters. That was a long night!) Serve with ice cold PBR.




Written by thescolai

January 29, 2007 at 10:36 am

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