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Appeasers On Parade

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Appeasers on Parade, March of the Defeatists, The Cut and Run Crowd BBQ, whatever you want to call it, the anti war nut jobs were on display in the National Mall yesterday. They wheeled out 60’s traitor Jane Fonda, whose actions in Vietnam led directly to American POW’s being tortured (real torture, not Abu Ghraib style) and featured obligatory, self fellatiating performances from Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.


Imagine Kucinich with a two finger moustache. Coincidence?


I was particularly ashamed to be from Michigan when I read the words of our own Communist in Cheap Clothing, Congressman Conyers (Thanks so much to the ill educated, uninformed, blind sheep from the City of Detroit who continually re-elect this walking embarrassment. The state of the city speaks volumes about Conyers’ effectiveness). His dismal knowledge of the United States Constitution would be laughable, if he wasn’t Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

These sniveling clowns also had the audacity to shove a 12 year old girl before the microphones so that she could give her own moving take on global politics. Her remarks could be forgiven their obvious lack of understanding if you didn’t know that she was reading lines fed to her by parents whose I.Q.’s seem to be on par with a Kiwi.

And let’s not forget the traitors in uniform crowd. Air Force Intelligence Specialist, Staff Sergeant Tassi McKee stated she joined the military for patriotism, travel and college, “After we went to Iraq, I began to see through the lies.” Tassi also likes long walks on the beach, cuddling, and hairy men in suicide vests.

First of all she didn’t join for patriotism. That much is clear. The first opportunity she had to show her “patriotism” finds her at the latest “I Hate America Rally.” If she joined for College; strike two. Anyone not smart enough to realize that the enemy must either be defeated in Iraq or faced on American soil; couldn’t pass a college entrance exam in the first place.

 Let me say this again, no one wants war. But we are up to our eyeballs in it and now is not the time for spineless, petty, whimpering on the part of Americans. Now is the time to show the world an America that is the meanest mother f***ker in the valley, an America that wears boxers and walks bow legged because it needs the room. NOW is the time to show the world that while we are the most generous and forgiving nation in history during times of peace, we will be the most ruthless and unforgiving in history during times of war.



Written by thescolai

January 28, 2007 at 12:04 am

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  1. Your lord and masters at the GOP approve of your brinless sycophantic slobbering over your lord god GW Bush.

    Matt Taylo

    January 28, 2007 at 12:22 am

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