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The Party of Inclusion

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Everyone knows the usual suspects,, Daily Kos, Peta, Green Peace, all the would be men without balls and hairy women that make up the lunatic left wing fringe base of the Democrat Party. But how about the other end of the spectrum? You hear all kinds of screaming and crying about the “Religious Right,” but what about the “Religious Nut-Bag LEFT”?

Now I realize that he would never identify himself as being aligned with the left on any issue, but I found it hilarious that besides the above named groups and individuals, Westboro Baptist Church’s own, little Freddie Phelps, is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!! That must be where he learned to use the judicial system, rather than the ballot box, to enrich himself and push his twisted agenda.

I stand corrected, the Democrat Party really is the party of inclusion. It seems that dispossessed, dipshit nut bags of any ideology can find a home in it’s all inclusive bosom.



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October 30, 2007 at 3:08 pm

Mad Mouser

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I really do visit the sites of those on my blogroll nearly everyday. I don’t add people just to add them, I’m only interested in people that have something to say. While my friend at The Mouse House didn’t personally write the October 26th post, it’s still worth a look.

The great thing about the “New Media” is that you always get the story that the corrupt, complacent, establishment media is afraid to tell you. Mainly because it shines the light of truth into the dark and frightening recesses of the minds of the mad social scientists they rabidly, and not so covertly, support.

After reading the October 26th offering, check out some other “rooms” in The Mouse House.


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October 28, 2007 at 4:17 pm

NHL Fans Hate Fighting???

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An open letter to NHL Commissioner Gary “The Ballerina” Bettman:

Dear Basketball Boy,

Hockey is a contact sport. Do you even watch the sport you are supposed to administer? Looking at pictures of you, I see you have the physique of a competitive non-contact Badminton player.  Is this the mindset you bring when deciding rule changes in a sport dominated by men with heart and soul?

B.B., hockey players LOVE to HIT. Hockey fans LOVE to see the big HITS, fights included. The poetry of this sport can only be appreciated by “Warrior Poets”, not “Hippie Poets.” You strike me as one of the latter. Viewing your record, I see that with every rule change designed to make our sport more European in nature, you lose audience.

Here is a prime example of how North American Hockey is supposed to be played, and a way to regain fans lost in the wake of your attempt to feminise a man’s game. You will notice two men settling their differences in front of an arena full of fans, on their feet, cheering their lungs out.

Yeah, I have to agree with you; Hockey fans really do hate fighting.

Oh, and in case your non-warrior mind can’t wrap itself around sarcasm, the above statement is a prime example.


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October 27, 2007 at 6:16 am

Hillary Uncensored

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Just helping spread the love:


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October 26, 2007 at 3:06 pm

F.B.I. Closing in on Whitey?

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Fox carried a story yesterday about fugitive Boston crime boss, and last of the great Irish American gangsters, James “Whitey” Bulger. The report stated that the F.B.I., after 12 years, may finally be closing in on Whitey.

The movie “The Departed” is loosely based on Bulger and after seeing it back in February, I wrote a short post and offered some informational links for anyone interested in a fascinating back-story.

You can check out the Fox story here. 

And my original post here.


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October 26, 2007 at 7:11 am

Two Warriors and a Nevada Punk

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An unknown Marine in the heat of battle (I always imagine it was my friend Gunny Johnson) once stated:

“They’re attacking on the left, they’re comin’ on strong from the right, they are in front of us, they are charging from the rear. GOOD now we’ve got ’em surrounded!”

The Wizard of the Saddle, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest (the greatest cavalry officer ever produced by this country), once had this question put to him:

“General, a heavy line of infantry is in our rear. We’re between two lines of battle. What will we do?”

General Forrest: “CHARGE BOTH WAYS!!”

The above quotes got me thinking, what would pasty faced, pimple assed Senator Harry Reid sound like in a similar situation??

I’d be willing to bet my left testicle (the one I once wrote that Reid couldn’t budge with a skid loader and a dump truck) that Reid’s response would sound like this:

“Now Ladies and Gentlemen (you have to believe that Reid would lead women into combat, well, probably follow them into combat), we are surrounded. The fight is over, the battle lost. Follow my lead. Lay down your weapons, hang your heads, drop your pants, bend over and grab your ankles.”

How in the world did we ever get from the first two Warrior Patriots, to the last pussified punk? It’s beyond me that a United States Senator can claim, on the floor of the Senate no less, that United States Soldiers are defeated on the battlefield and not be ridden out of town on a rail. United States Senators seem to be easily defeated, American Soldiers are NEVER defeated! How can this jackass even show his face back in Nevada? Must be all the transplanted Californians in his state.


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October 25, 2007 at 5:19 am

Kid Rock on Iraq

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In an interview published this month in Maxim magazine, Michigan’s own Kid Rock was asked “How would you run the war differently?” His answer (for the most part) should make all Michiganders proud:

“I’d kick the media out. War’s not pretty, and you can’t fight a war diplomatically. We didn’t win the Revolutionary War like that. We were the original terrorists, ducking behind buildings and shit. As harsh as this sounds–and I’m sure I’ll get shit for it–if somebody kills an American soldier in a certain section of town, I’d blow up that section of town. I’d do what the Israelis do and take out 50 motherf**ckers. I’d say ‘Next American who gets killed , 50 more innocent people. Start giving up insurgents or we’ll wipe out your f**king block.’ You gotta fight fire with fire.”

Now speaking as a Michigander (yes, I’m using the masculine name for residents of Michigan. Besides being the fist of the Great Lakes states, we are also the balls of the region. This in spite of Gov. Grandtheft’s repeated attempts to neuter us. Ask Ohio how we were blessed with “Da U.P.” while they were cursed with Toledo) I agree with every thing Kid said except for Americans being the “original terrorists.” I don’t believe that’s how he meant it, but I’m sure some liberal numb nut will use that statement to knock this country.

My other point of contention with Kid is this: I think his time on the left coast has mellowed him somewhat. Those of us who throw a giant Michigan middle finger in the face of terrorists wouldn’t settle for a 50 to 1 ratio. I think you start at 1,000 and work your way up. Forget the block, wipe out the town and any surrounding suburbs. As for the “No Blood for Oil” idiots, I would make honest people of them for the first time in their sorry, whiny existence. If I was running the war, I would have American super tankers clogging the Persian Gulf from Iraq to Oman. Oil would be $5 a barrell and gas for American SUV’s would be 15 cents a gallon. 10 cents on Sundays.


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October 24, 2007 at 5:23 am