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3rd Hillary Quote

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Part three of our serial finds Madame Clinton's true feelings for the "little people" prominently displayed.
"F**k off! It's enough that I have to see you shit-kickers everyday,
 I'm not going to talk to you too!! 
Just do your G*d Damn job and keep your mouth shut."
(From the book "American Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p. 90--
Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards
after one of them greeted her with "Good Morning." 
She should thank her lucky stars that the men and women charged 
with protecting her take pride in their professions. 
Dedication to Duty has to be the only reason any of them 
would take a bullet for this beastly, man hating, American gorgon.


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March 6, 2007 at 7:40 am

Another Round of Stupid Statements

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…and the Morons That Made Them.

“My State was a Slave State”

Senator Joe Biden (D) Delaware , when asked why he thought he would do well in southern Presidential primaries. 

“Never in the history of the United States have POWs come home looking like football players. These football players are no more heroes than Custer was. They’re military careerists and professional killers” who are “trying to make themselves look self-righteous, but they are war criminals according to law.”

Jane Fonda, speaking of American POW’s in Vietnam  

“I am JESUS, and my lawyers are my Twelve Apostles. Do not f**k with me.”

Courtney Hole, er, Love 

“It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago ”
Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice-President

“Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women.  And I hope I never get into that.”
Bill Clinton, former U.S. President (WHAT!?!) 

“He’s passe. Nobody cares about Mickey anymore. There are whole batches of Mickeys we just can’t give away. I think we should phase him out.”
Roy Disney, Walt Disney’s brother, 1937 

“Give Bill a second term, and Al Gore and I will be turned loose to do what we really want to do.”
Hillary Clinton, former first lady, at a Democratic fundraiser 

“I don’t think that Saddam Hussein is deliberately starving his own people. I would think that a man who gets 99 percent of the people to vote for him in an election and the people love him so much, how would they love a man that is starving them?”
Louis Farrakhan, Leader of The Nation of Islam 

“We are not without accomplishment. We have managed to distribute poverty equally.”
Nguyen Co Thatch, Vietnamese foreign minister

I favor access to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”
 Ted Kennedy, Senator (D) Massachusetts (Doing his best Je$$e Jack$on)



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March 6, 2007 at 7:39 am

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2nd Hillary Quote

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The second installment of this mini series finds our heroine, Madame Clinton displaying her much heralded interpersonal skills while interacting with the men and women detailed to protect her huge, sorry, pant suited rear end…

“Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!!?” (From the book “Unlimited Access”, by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge Gary Aldrige, pg 139- Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail.)

Nice language, especially for a First “Lady.” Do you think she kissed her Mother with that mouth?


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March 5, 2007 at 6:27 am

Rollins on Relationships

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 Here’s a great clip on relationships from one of my idols, Henry Rollins. I’ve followed his career since his days in Black Flag. A phenomenal writer of songs, poems, observations, or commentary, Henry has few equals. Although, once again; we are political polar opposites. I see a pattern developing here, Henry, Jimmy Buffett, Mike McColgan, Maddox, Carl Hiaasen, and so many other writers I respect seem to fall far to the left of me. I have a dog eared copy of “Smile You’re Traveling,” my copy of “Get in the Van” disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As for his spoken word material, “Black Coffee Blues” is best listened to with just that, Black Coffee. You don’t want a bottle of Beam anywhere near you while listening to that staggering CD. 


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March 5, 2007 at 6:26 am

1st Hillary Quote

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My Dad sent me an e-mail that amounts to some of Hillary Clinton’s greatest hits. I’ll be posting one a day for the next week or so.

As you probably suspected, she’s some “lady.”


“Where’s the miserable c*ck sucker?”  (From the book “The Truth About Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5 – Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer)

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March 4, 2007 at 12:10 pm

That’s my Girl!

Ann Coulter caused a firestorm while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, by taking a joking swipe at John Edwards’ sexuality. Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, probably had to double his usual dose of Thorazine to keep from spinning off the planet after he heard that one. As it was, Dr. Dean merely called for all Republican Presidential candidates to denounce Ms. Coulter.

Well Howie old boy, why don’t you start off by denouncing Hillary for lying about every position she has ever taken on any issue that affected her power grabs? Why not denounce Algore for the hypocrite that he is? Why not denounce Cindy Sheenhan for exploiting the death of Casey Sheehan (I won’t call him her son because she hadn’t been his mother for many years before he lost his life in service to his country)? Bill Clinton’s philandering? Terry McAuliffe, for his gangster politics? Or how about denouncing your own lack of self control whenever a microphone is placed anywhere near you?  

Yet again, Ann made a great point: You can’t say or do anything, anywhere in this country, without someone, somewhere getting pissed off and demanding an apology, or worse yet, wanting you to turn yourself in to some “re-education” camp in the guise of rehab. Of course, its perfectly alright to say you wish the President was dead, that you want to punch him in the face, that you want to kick his ass, run to foreign lands and bad mouth this country, or even to pull yourself and your sixties sensibilities out of mothballs long enough to reveal your own self loathing and the hatred you feel for the country that guarantees your right to hate it. But whatever you do, don’t offend a part of the left wing base. 

Personally, I’m glad Ann said what she said. It’s high time someone with a platform told those on the Left to get over it. Just because you call someone a name they don’t like doesn’t mean you’re a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, whatever label the lefties want to brand you with, does it Je$$e Jack$on? Not all of us have forgotten “Hymietown.”  Go back to the February 5th post on this site; you’ll see John Edwards starring in “I Feel Pretty.” Tell me if John doesn’t appear to have a little more “fashion sense” than the average man. I am not a gay basher. Even though I believe homosexuality to be a sin, I’m honest enough with myself (unlike so many on the left) to know that God is not a respecter of persons and that in his eyes, my own sins are as great as theirs. 

I applaud Ms. Coulter for saying what was on her mind, just like I applauded Danny DeVito after his appearance on “The View,” when a bunch of whiney people started sniveling “are you going to rehab?” Danny had been out having some fun and had been a little over served, BFD. I cheered when he said “I have no reason to.” (Although I would take issue with his choice of libation, Lemonchellos, and company, George Clooney) Bravo Ann, you lovely swan necked hunk o’ cheesecake, for having the figurative balls lacking in so many of your male counter parts, and the courage to speak your mind.


Here’s a small clip of Ann’s speech:

Street Dogs Update

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Can’t say much, but here are some highlights: The ride down in the Wartabago was almost as much fun as the show.  Met Johnny and Tobe, just missed Mike. The Street Dogs played probably one of the best sets I’ve ever heard, and the pit was wild. Crowd surfing in a kilt is quite liberating, I highly recommend it. I have bruises all over my arms and chest, and a smile you couldn’t blow off my face with C-4!

Last night brought this quote from Ted Nugent to mind:

“You are born at point A, You will die at point B, Kick maximum ass in between.”

So thanks to all the guys who went and made it an awesome night, and to the Detroit Fire Department who watched over the Wartabago.

I’m going back to bed.


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March 3, 2007 at 11:42 am