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Mayor Hip Hop: Still Thuggin’ and Buggin’

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Hip Hop showed his true heart while exiting the Mayoral Escalade before entering his church to make his “apology.”

Click on this link and check out the video to the left of the article.

Hip Hop’s reps say that any contact was unintended. If that contact was anymore “unintended” he would have been arrested for battery… even in Detroit.



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January 31, 2008 at 6:02 pm

Detroit Gets Exactly What It Deserves

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Last night’s appearance by Hip Hop and Mrs. Hip Hop was pretty much what I expected. A staged, insincere, transparent attempt to take the focus off the Mayor’s criminal behavior and make the entire scandal about sex.

Either there were teleprompters in the room, or the Hip Hops have spent the last 6 days rehearsing a script. The Black Bill and Hillary have proved themselves as shameless as the originals.

More unsettling than the unrepentant spectacle of Hip Hop’s “apology,” was the reaction of the WDIV focus group. This gaggle of typically obese welfare mothers, sycophantic women, and emasculated men actually, once again, chugged Kwame’s Kool Aid.

So, in the eyes of Detroiters, this scandal is about sex. “Textual Healing” if you will.

Not about police officers fired for doing their jobs. It’s about sex.

Not about misappropriation of public funds. It’s about sex.

Not about 9 million dollars to defend a lie. It’s about sex.

Not about a stripper dead from “The Manoogian Flu.” It’s about sex.

Not about the misuse of Navigators or Police motorcycles. It’s about sex.

Not about any of the many other criminal acts committed by the Hip Hop Administration…

You get the idea.

If the people of the City of Detroit buy into this one, they deserve every bit continued crime, corruption, and scandal that they will surely receive from Mayor Kwame “Hip Hop” Kilpatrick.


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January 31, 2008 at 7:10 am

Hip Hop Comes Out Of Hiding

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Tonight at 7:30pm Mayor Kwame “Hip Hop” Kilpatrick will present his case to the people of the City of Detroit.

In a previous post, I described Hip Hop’s supporters as “the ignorant, blind faith, apologists that make up the majority electorate in the City of Detroit.” I can’t say I was surprised when I saw the following video today.

Picking on some people is way too easy.


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January 30, 2008 at 5:22 pm

Women and Firearms

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Why Women and Firearms are a bad combination.


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January 30, 2008 at 3:48 pm

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Photographs and Memories

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A few years back, when I was reading Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks At Fifty” (It may have been this book, but as I am hitting the backside of forty in a few months it could just as easily have been from another source), I was struck by a statement made by Gregorio Fuentes.

Gregorio was Ernest Hemingway’s long time first mate on Hemingway’s boat “The Pilar.” The Pilar saw many years service fishing for Marlin in the Gulf-stream and as a submarine hunter during World War II. On a trip to Cuba, as part of a documentary crew filming a piece on Papa, Buffett had a chance to meet Gregorio who still lived in the same village and is thought by many to be the inspiration for “The Old Man and the Sea.”

Jimmy asked Gregorio if he had any special memories of Hemingway. He said he asked the question thinking he might be shown some unique rods and reels or other Hemingway memorabilia. He was surprised when Gregorio merely smiled and patted his heart. The implication was clear: The greatest memories he had were his and kept in his heart.

I have never been one to take a lot of pictures or someone who acquires souvenirs. I prefer to keep my best memories in my heart and mind.

When I got back from the cattle drive last May I said I would soon post a story on the trip. The main reason this story never came out is because that particular experience was so intensely personal to me; I didn’t feel that I could do it justice. I had dreamed all my life of riding a horse through lands once owned by the Plains Indians and here I was less than seventy miles from The Little Bighorn battlefield. I honestly believe I rode where Crazy Horse once rode. Check that one off the “Bucket List.” 

Not many people in this world are blessed in the manner in which God has chosen to bless me. And I’ll guarantee that no one scratches his head more often than I do at the wonder of it.

What started as a golden opportunity to spend some time with my youngest brother–more time, in fact, than we had spent together since I went into the Army all those years ago–wound up being one of the proudest times of my life. I was able to see up close the man he has become and the manner in which he has chosen to live his life. For someone who values family, in all it’s forms, the way I do…Well if I can’t credibly express this thought, how could I credibly discuss that week?

I have often been told, even by people that love me, that I look like I am perpetually ready to fight. That perception has been true on many occasions. But by the end of the trip, sitting in a Chili’s in a Minnesota airport, I vividly remember telling everyone there that I felt like going out and attacking some random tourist just to reassure myself that I wasn’t going soft.

I told you all that to tell you this: A package from my brother came in the mail today. As I opened it, all the memories from that trip came back to me and I teared up again. Inside was a framed picture of our group from the cattle drive. A Radio Exec, 4 Preachers, a Producer, a CCM star, and Fireman all playing Cowboy, and all loving every minute of it.

Yeah, I keep my memories in my head and in my heart, but this one I’ll keep on my wall until my girls take it down.



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January 29, 2008 at 11:07 am

Food Poisoning

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Substitute Food Poisoning for Ipecac, consolidate four characters into one, and you pretty much have the last 36 hours of my life.


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January 28, 2008 at 11:59 am

It’s Not Just About An Affair

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News reports concerning perjury allegations against Mayor Kwame “Hip Hop” Kilpatrick and his Chief of Staff Christine Beatty have centered on their affair.

An affair, in and of itself, is not reason enough to remove an elected official from office. Bill Clinton proved that with Monica and many other nameless women in Washington D.C. and Little Rock.

What is reason enough to remove an elected official from office, and what Hip Hop should be prosecuted and convicted for, is lying under oath when asked about his role in the firing of two police officers who were investigating his public malfeasance vis-a-vis his misuse of his “security detail.”

Let’s not lose sight of that FACT.

When Gary Brown and Harold Nelthorpe chose to do their jobs and continue an investigation into misconduct on the part of Hip Hop’s security detail, the Mayor retaliated by firing them and then lied about it under oath.

Text messages sent between Kilpatrick and Beatty prove this fact.

Don’t be mislead by the accusation, which will soon come from Hip Hop’s camp, that this is nothing more than an investigation into the sex life of a young black man.

The cost to Detroit, in dollars and reputation, has already been a great deal more than a few City sponsored nights at motels across the country.

It’s a matter of Public Corruption, It’s a matter of Public Trust.



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January 26, 2008 at 8:18 am