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A Question For Obama

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A while back (March 20th) I ran a clip of the Rev. James David Manning voicing his opposition to Barack Obama ever becoming President of the United States. This post generated a lot of feed back, most of it was anti Rev. Manning.

As a Conservative, I have no vested interest in who the democrats nominate to run against John McCain in November. I think the anti-American sentiment deeply embedded in the DNA of either candidate from the left–and make no mistake Clinton and Obama are BOTH leftists– will be easily exposed.

The question the feedback from this post generated in me was this: Why does Barack Obama spend so much time talking up the African side of his family and so little time on the White side of his family?

The African/Muslim side of his family abandoned him. Twice. His White/Christian grandparents nurtured him, loved him, and supported him. These people, quite frankly, raised him and yet he practically denies their existence.

So for the sake of the curiosity growing like intellectual kudzu in the delta of my fertile mind, will somebody please tell me why he chooses to identify with the part of himself that gave him the least, at the expense of the part that gave him the most?



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April 1, 2008 at 2:43 pm

Rev. James David Manning on Obama

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You only have to hear the first 2 minutes of this clip to know that Rev. Manning probably won’t be receiving any dinner invitations from an Obama White House.


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March 20, 2008 at 1:27 am