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Detroit Gets Exactly What It Deserves

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Last night’s appearance by Hip Hop and Mrs. Hip Hop was pretty much what I expected. A staged, insincere, transparent attempt to take the focus off the Mayor’s criminal behavior and make the entire scandal about sex.

Either there were teleprompters in the room, or the Hip Hops have spent the last 6 days rehearsing a script. The Black Bill and Hillary have proved themselves as shameless as the originals.

More unsettling than the unrepentant spectacle of Hip Hop’s “apology,” was the reaction of the WDIV focus group. This gaggle of typically obese welfare mothers, sycophantic women, and emasculated men actually, once again, chugged Kwame’s Kool Aid.

So, in the eyes of Detroiters, this scandal is about sex. “Textual Healing” if you will.

Not about police officers fired for doing their jobs. It’s about sex.

Not about misappropriation of public funds. It’s about sex.

Not about 9 million dollars to defend a lie. It’s about sex.

Not about a stripper dead from “The Manoogian Flu.” It’s about sex.

Not about the misuse of Navigators or Police motorcycles. It’s about sex.

Not about any of the many other criminal acts committed by the Hip Hop Administration…

You get the idea.

If the people of the City of Detroit buy into this one, they deserve every bit continued crime, corruption, and scandal that they will surely receive from Mayor Kwame “Hip Hop” Kilpatrick.



Written by thescolai

January 31, 2008 at 7:10 am

3 Responses

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  1. Some words come to mind when I think of the citizens of De-toilet:

    Cannon Fodder
    Blind Sheep
    Mindless Drones


    January 31, 2008 at 9:04 am

  2. And do you honestly feel this is constructive criticism or charitable assistance??? What are you doing to help change the conditions of the City of Detroit “Hooligan”, and “Scolai”? It’s obvious that you two are as guilty as any persons you convict of stupidity, blindness, and mindlessness when you waste your time being destructively critical by not providing positive perspectives and viewpoints for the City’s recovery. why do you even give a damn enough to waste your time commenting?? I know, I know..because you can. Well there’ssomething else you can do too, in the event that you decide NOT to make a difference and continue to be the difference – shut the hell up. Thanks – Gotta – Go : )


    February 2, 2008 at 7:09 pm

  3. How cute you end your message with a wee little smiley face. You say I should add positive viewpoints for the city’s recovery? Recovery from what is what I must ask? To ask me to provide positive perspectives is admitting that indeed the city as a whole, its leadership (or lack thereof) and the majority of the voting population is an abysmal failure to the truest definition of the word.

    As for charitable assistance, I live in one of the counties that that nefarious wasteland of philistinism is sucking dry because your inept, corrupt and iniquitous elected official is a waste of human protein. The ignorant, illiterate, lowbrow, uneducated, uninformed, untaught, and unthinking populous then have the audacity to turn around and blame the people living in the suburbs. You vote him in; we feel the effects and have to deal with him. De-toilet is a burden on the entire state and a monument to unavailing fruitless endeavors led by hapless mindless fodder.

    It’s execrable that the endemic people of De-toilet take so much pride in the murder capitol of America and one of the top 10 worst places to live in the country. You may not pull the wool back over your eyes and continue to live in your false Xanadu with the rest of the non-thinking drones.


    February 2, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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