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Brad Pitt was criticized recently for letting his four year old son ride on a truckster with him with out the “benefit” of a car seat or a helmet.


Check out the video. Does this kid look like he’s in danger? No. He’s just enjoying the day with his Dad. I’m no fan of Brad Pitt’s politics, but give the guy a break. I have three teenage daughters who grew up riding four wheelers, by themselves, sans helmets, and they are still here giving me agitta even though I chose not to place them in a plastic bubble.

What’s next? Seat belts for Big Wheels? Air Bags in Barbie Jeeps? Stick ’em on Condoms?

How about Laryngectomies for whiny, liberal hand wringers.



Written by thescolai

January 4, 2008 at 10:18 am

Posted in Blogroll, Brad Pitt, Life

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