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Chavez Threatens U.S.

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Hugo “Johnny Chimpo” Chavez has once again threatened to cut off oil exports to the United States. He as much as stated that he has already rigged today’s Venezuelan elections and should any non-communists complain, or try to investigate his criminal actions, he will order an end to oil exports to the United States.

Fine. Since this moronic little monkey is so enamored of “Socialism” (Let’s face facts. What this dickhead wants is a Communist dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere) why doesn’t the USA give him a taste of it. Nationalize all “Citgo” and “Petro Express” gas stations in this country, expand drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico, round up Spanish speaking illegals in this country and deport them to Venezuela (hey, at least they could speak the language), cut off his tiny, withered economic balls and tell the mouth breathing midget to choke on his exports!

Trust me, within a month his people will be starving and he will be back at the United Nations complaining about U.S. imperialism. All this, while presenting himself butt first to President Bush in back channel negotiations to beg us to resume buying Venezuelan oil.

It’s high time we started showing these banana republic dick taters (yes,  I spelled it that way on purpose) who is really in charge. Chavez needs to be bitch slapped so hard that when he wakes up he’ll find the only job he can get is running the deep fryer for the Iguana-on-a-stick concession at a flea market in Caracas. I am sick and tired of being upbraided, having my President disrespected and having my lifestyle held hostage, by the whims of some cretinous thug whose country has yet to figure out indoor plumbing!

Enough is enough people. As my friend Ole Reliable recently stated, we showed these people how to get the oil out of the ground, improved their cess pool existence a thousand times over, and the “Thank You” we get for it is a large fist in our posterior.

Here are the facts. Whether you are a wrong headed, tree hugging eco freak bent on the destruction of the very government that gives you a safe place to espouse your left wing nonsense, or if you are a right thinking Conservative who only wishes to perpetuate this country’s God given blessings for posterity, oil is the fuel that runs the engine that powers the free market economy of the United States of America, and the free flow of oil at market prices(thanks Rush), will not be allowed to be impeded to appease a pock marked, magniloquent Stalin clone .

For all of the well meaning, but left leaning, adherents of the “If the people of Venezuela want a communist government, they should be allowed to have one” school of thought, let me ask but one question: Can you in all honesty show me ONE, just ONE mind you, communist government that has EVER succeeded in anything but the mass murder and imprisonment of dissidents within it’s borders? You can’t. So why would we EVER allow another communist government (Castro is still around despite our half assed attempts to put him where he belongs) in this hemisphere and why would we EVER allow such a sick minded bastard as Hugo “Johnny Chimpo” Chavez to threaten the United States of America? Where is James Monroe when we need him?




Written by thescolai

December 2, 2007 at 12:31 am

2 Responses

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  1. One Marine scout sniper team, a handful of MRE’s and one bullet in the rifle will take care of this.
    Or a blockaid off the cost, Cuz you know we are selling this chimp food from our bread basket for his Stalinesk bread lines. Stop that aid and he will whine about how we are picking on him, might work.
    I still like the first option. You cant tell me that wouldnt work.
    As a great American/Marine/Viet vet/Detroit cop, Robert Nill once said to me while we were performing counter sniper work for Bill Clinton when the man was visiting in the “D”.
    “Theres nothing a well placed shape charge cant fix”
    He was not making a threat towards the at the time Prez. Was just stating a fact durring a casual conversation.
    Screw you Hugo.

    Driver of the Wartabago

    December 2, 2007 at 4:42 am

  2. Great article !! Now we need to get support started so President Bush can order the elmination of Chavez….while we are at it…cancel the work visa’s for all of the Venezulean major league ball plavers…. Goodbye Ordonez et el…..

    William Hampton

    December 2, 2007 at 11:37 am

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