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Got Rat Milk?

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When I first heard this story, I thought “This has to be a hoax,” but like so many reports of ultra liberal lunacy the more insane the story, the more truthful the picture it paints.

Heather Mills, the one legged, wallet sniffing, vegan, eco-freak, elitist wants you to wean your children on Rat Milk

Apparently, in another example of liberal elitist hypocrisy, the soon to be ex Mrs. McCartney showed up for her press conference in a 4×4 Mercedes SUV. I thought all the “Save The Planet” types drove Yugos, or Mini’s, or Clown Cars. I guess those types of worthless conveyances are meant only for those of us who don’t qualify as “beautiful people.”

Even if her daughter Beatrice is regularly suckling at the infected teat of a New York sewer rat, I doubt that this will ever be seen as a viable alternative to traditional dairy products.

Then again, the infected teat of a New York sewer rat is probably more hygienic than the teat of Ms. Mills.



Written by thescolai

November 19, 2007 at 1:28 pm

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