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The Party of Inclusion

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Everyone knows the usual suspects,, Daily Kos, Peta, Green Peace, all the would be men without balls and hairy women that make up the lunatic left wing fringe base of the Democrat Party. But how about the other end of the spectrum? You hear all kinds of screaming and crying about the “Religious Right,” but what about the “Religious Nut-Bag LEFT”?

Now I realize that he would never identify himself as being aligned with the left on any issue, but I found it hilarious that besides the above named groups and individuals, Westboro Baptist Church’s own, little Freddie Phelps, is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!! That must be where he learned to use the judicial system, rather than the ballot box, to enrich himself and push his twisted agenda.

I stand corrected, the Democrat Party really is the party of inclusion. It seems that dispossessed, dipshit nut bags of any ideology can find a home in it’s all inclusive bosom.



Written by thescolai

October 30, 2007 at 3:08 pm

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