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As much as I love any kind of loud, hard driving music, I am still moved by the spectacle of a performer, a guitar, and a spotlight. I lost track of Will T. Massey for a few years. He is another of the songwriters I seem to gravitate to even though our political beliefs are diametrically opposed.  I heard that he had taken a break from public performances, but had recently returned to the stage. Back in the early 90’s I thought he was one of the best singer/songwriters going. I took a round about path to find this video (Antonio Righetti to Jimmy George to Elvis Presley. I know, Who, Who and The King have what in common with Will T. Massey?), but finding it, I thought I would post it. I am forgiving him his association with the Maines(as in Natalie) family. Here is Will T. Massey with “It’s Midnight All Day Long.”


And a bonus: Rainy Day Penny


Written by thescolai

October 23, 2007 at 2:21 pm

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