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Street Dogs/Tiger Army Synopsis

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Finally got to meet Mike McColgan last night and was very pleased that he is as down to earth in person as he seems in his interviews. You know he is a Fireman the minute you meet him. I also reconnected with an old friend last night. Mike Danner was the drummer for the 80’s/90’s band Big Chief and now manages St. Andrews Hall. I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years, but it was cool to be able to kind of pick up where we left off. Mike is a great guy and does a fantastic job with this venue.

Once I dragged him into the pit, young Jake proved worthy. Speaking of the pit, it was one of the rougher ones I have been in lately. I have a split lip this morning and really believe I broke the nose of the guy who gave it to me. Kids these days just don’t seem to get “Pit Etiquette.” I’m only 5’9, but I am a semi-solid 200 pounds so when I use the “Covey Tractor Push” I can still move some furniture. I sweated to the point of having to literally wring out my scally cap! Now that’s a sign of an active pit!

The Street Dogs set was the best I have seen them play. Mike McColgan is a Gulf War vet and former Boston Fireman who not only supports the troops, but Firefighters and Cops as well. He and Johnny Rio stand out on stage and that’s saying something because the rest of the guys are total professionals. Seeing them do “Final Transmission” live was something I won’t soon forget.

I wasn’t really familiar with Tiger Army before last night and don’t believe Psychobilly will take up much space on my I-pod, but the guys worked hard, played loud, and gave everyone their moneys worth.

Anyway it was a great time. Carl didn’t bite anyone, The Driver of the Wartabago got us down and back with some great tunes and lots of laughs, Papa Smurf watched over the “Iron Pimp” while we were inside, Pokey brought some awesome Belgian Beer along, and I found out Guinness will work in a baby bottle (thanks to Jake for being the guinea pig on that one!). 

Like all mornings after a night in the pit, I am sore, bruised from head to toe, and have a smile on my face you couldn’t remove with a jack hammer!



Written by thescolai

October 20, 2007 at 8:26 am

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