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Thank God For America

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My life is blessed by my close association with several nearly criminal people. The best of them expand my musical knowledge on a regular basis.

One of these,  told me to check out the Wolf Tones. I am a fan of any kind of Celtic music and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this band before. Their “pub style” sound is a perfect counter point to the hard driving Celtic punk I love to work out to.

The song “Thank God For America” is a wonderful ode to our wonderful country written by men who are grateful for the opportunity and freedom that America offers to all who wish to be Americans.

Besides throwing Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, Mark Udall and all the rest of the useless,  liberal punks on Capitol Hill an olde style Detroit beat down– seriously, when I watch them attacking Rush Limbaugh for supposedly knocking the troops, when those in uniform have no bigger supporter, and this after they have made careers of despising the military, I know that given the chance I would explode each their tiny groins on the toes of my Chippewa boots– I’d like, at the very least,  to tie them to chairs and play this song until it sinks in that we are privileged to live in the greatest country God has ever seen fit to allow to exist.

From it’s inception, our country has had to fight for every bit of liberty we enjoy and everyone must realize that we are once again in a fight for our very existence. Now is not the time for partisan Quislings to come crawling out of the woodwork to play politics with our lives and freedom.



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  1. I like this content so much.Imagination is more important than knowledge.


    May 3, 2010 at 8:05 am

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