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When Animals Attack…The Scolai

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Living in what can only be termed as the “Michigan House of Women” I thought I had formed a particularly strong bond with my tomcat “Tupac.”

Last night as we were transporting our cats from the woods to the new Teach Na Scolai, I found that we might not be as bonded as I had imagined.

Smoochy and Mugsy had captured our two female cats and were holding them in the car while I was standing on the front porch trying to get ‘Pac to come to me so that he could join his sisters on the ride to the new house. I had been unable to bring the cats on the day of the initial move because their food and litter box are located in the attached garage of the new house and I first had to install a cat door for them to use.

I noticed Tupac was acting a little strange hiding under a bush in the front yard. I continued to call him until he came up to the porch. I reached down and picked him up just as the Princess threw open the front door. When the door opened, ‘Pac lost it.

He dug his rear claws into my stomach and attempted a back flip. Instinctively, I reached out to grab him, but managed to only grab hold of his tail. Holding his tail with my left hand, I bent down to grab his body with my right. “Cat quick” he flipped over and sunk his teeth into my forearm. As I drew my hand back, he bit through my thumb nail, the nail of my middle finger and the back of my right hand. I didn’t realize cats could bite that hard!

I let go of him and he ran off into the woods. I went into the house and began cleaning my wounds as Mrs. Scolai pulled up. We went to a local urgent care clinic where the doctor informed me that cat bites have an 80% chance of infection and if my wounds became infected I would have to be admitted to the hospital for I.V. anti-biotics. Great. 

We returned to the house later in the evening not, as a few of my friends suggested, to go hunting (this is my buddy we’re talking about), but to see if Mrs. Scolai would have better luck. Tupac was no where in sight. This afternoon, I got a call that the girls had managed to get him into the car and over to the new house where, I’m told, he doesn’t seem too pleased with his new digs.

Friends have told me that he was probably aware that something was going on and was scared, and that probably led to his freak out. I tend to think that two years of the women in my life attempting to emasculate him drove him to show me he was a tough cat.  Anyway, for the next couple of days,  I’ll be keeping an eye out for red streaks on my arm, and wearing welding gloves when I pet the cat.



Written by thescolai

September 28, 2007 at 3:00 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I think what caused this little snap of your beloved feline “Tupac”…….he was tired of being held down by the white man!!!!!

    I am calling Al!


    October 1, 2007 at 12:34 pm

  2. Shoot the little son of a bitch…That cat would have been….Coyote food…

    William Hampton

    October 2, 2007 at 8:18 am

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