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When the Media had Ethics

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As I’ve recently said, I am currently reading a comprehensive biography of General George Patton Jr. Most people around my age know the story of Patton slapping a couple of cowardly shirkers during the Sicily campaign. What most people don’t know is the initial reaction of journalists attached to the Army during that campaign.

When word of Patton’s actions got out, journalists Quentin Reynolds, Demaree Bess, and Red Mueller much like today’s bed wetting liberal “newsmen” ran to Eisenhower like schoolyard snitches.

What separates the above journalists from today’s crop of anti- American, elitist pricks posing as impartial reporters is this: The first thing Reynolds, Bess, and Mueller did was to make clear to Eisenhower that they were Americans first and journalists second. Not only would they not publish an account of Patton’s attempt to help these cowards recover their self respect, they would also deny the story if any other reporters broke it. Can you imagine if some of today’s sniveling, self important, jerk off  “journalists” got that story? We would most likely be speaking German today. Lucky for us journalists back then were Americans.

When did journalists become “journalists” first and Americans second?

Update: “Teach Na Scolai” is nearly habitable and Charter Communications finally got their act together so posts should be coming on a much more regular basis.



Written by thescolai

September 27, 2007 at 5:47 am

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