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Michigan Budget Crisis

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Michigan democrats, while threatening a shut down of government services, yesterday failed to pass a budget based on a tax increase.


democrats (I use the lower case “d” on purpose, as low rent as these people are they don’t deserve a capital anything) have enough votes in the Michigan house to pass any budget they like without Republicans agreeing to anything. We have democrat governorette Grandtheft leading the charge to further fleece the working residents of our great state. I say “the working” residents of our state because the pimps, whores, and welfare brats that make up the larger part of her constituency can’t be fleeced… they pay little or no tax.

So, I ask again, WHY won’t democrats pass a budget that includes a huge tax increase?

democrat leaders in this state have said time and again that the only way out of the current budget crisis –brought on by Grandtheft’s socialistic policies– is a massive tax increase coupled with minor cuts to Michigan’s bloated budget. If they truly believe this, shouldn’t they have the courage of their convictions and vote their conscience? You would think so, but we aren’t dealing with men and women of conscience. We are dealing with possibly the only form of life lower than a child molester…. Liberal Politicians. 

Speaker of the Michigan House, democrat Andy Dillon, stated that a bill would not be passed without bipartisan support. When asked why, if he has the votes to do so within his own party, he stated that some democrat representatives were from “at risk” districts and might be subject to recall petitions or having their vote used against them in the next election.

WHAT!?! People, THAT is one slimy example of politics at its worst! Asking Republicans to abandon their convictions to give political cover to some sneaky, twinkee spined, nutless liberals. I hope the voters that elected these chickens**t representatives were taking a break from Seinfeld reruns long enough to actually watch the vote go down. I know, its too much to think that some of these scoggins actually read anything but food stamps, but one can always hope.

Republicans have held their ground from the beginning, standing by their belief that the state budget can be balanced through budget cuts and that revenues will rise through a program of tax incentives to draw new business to Michigan. Note to Michigan Republicans: Continue to stand tall, force feed budget cuts to Grandtheft and her minions, pass YOUR budget, then eliminate the state income tax all together and watch businesses flock to the state.



Written by thescolai

September 21, 2007 at 5:31 pm

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  1. Right on !!!

    William Hampton

    September 23, 2007 at 11:18 am

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