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What The Dems Need To Hear

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I have been reading a fascinating biography of General George S. Patton Jr. Patton, besides being one of the greatest tactical commanders ever produced by the US Army, was also a poet. Amazingly, nearly 100 years ago, Patton wrote a poem that should be studied by every cut and run liberal out there. It may help them to understand themselves and may give them a true understanding of why they have the right to bad mouth the very men (if I was politically correct, I would have said “people”) who are currently keeping them alive, let alone protecting their right to continually show what a bunch of sorry assed punks they truly are.


When the cave man sat in his stinking lair,

With his low browed mate hard by;

Gibbering the while he sank his teeth

In a new killed reindeer’s thigh.

Thus he learned that to fight was noble;

Thus he learned that to shirk was base;

Thus he conquered the creatures one and all,

And founded a warrior race.

What would he have thought, could his foggy brain,

Have pictured our hapless day,

When craven souls of dreaming fools

Should bait our human clay.

When cowards born of Fear and Greed

Should preach to kindred slaves;

That Right may stand by its self alone,

And needs not might to save.

They speak but lies these sexless souls,

Lies born of fear of strife

And nurtured in soft indulgence

They see not War is Life.

They dare not admit the truth,

Though writ in letters red,

That man shall triumph now as then

By blood which man has shed.


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