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Congressional Hearings on the War in Iraq

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I watched with pride as General Petraeus repeatedly made asses out of sniveling left wing politicians more interested in face time than in anything resembling an honest discussion of the current War on Terror. Great examples: Lt. (junior grade) John Francois Kerry, who FORTY years ago breifly commanded a crew of five men on a forty foot boat, feels qualified to instruct General Petraeus on the finer points of commanding an army in the field? Or transplanted yenta Barbara Boxer trying to explain foreign policy to Ambassador Crocker? These two need to stick with what they do best: marry rich and collect questionable campaign contributions. And of course our favorite plagarist, Senator Biden, got into the act. No need to repeat his statements. They were the usual rantings of an ignoramus gone wild, but what else is new? 

I was slightly amused at a clueless comment by current democrat presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama,  who stated (I’m paraphrasing): “We have been left with only two options in Iraq, bad and worse.” Hey, Senator “Calypso Louie Wannabe”, when exactly did WINNING become a bad option for Americans?

As I watched the left wing, lunatic fringe of the democrat party continually attempt to run down this country, and to run from the fight in which we are now engaged, I was reminded of a letter General George S. Patton wrote to his father in the spring of 1913.

 Woodrow Wilson– a democrat for all the anti-war folks out there who have never bothered to study history– was President at the time. Patton wrote: “I hope by the time this reaches you that we will have declared war with Japan, but I suppose with our natural ambition to apologize for living, we will have let them dictate to us what we should do.” Sounds like he’s describing today’s democrat response to terrorists, doesn’t it?

Speaking of Wilson’s Secretary of State, known pacifist and three time democrat presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan,  Patton stated: “…he is truly fit… for a country whose ambition is to be the punching bag of the world.” 

 It is truly amazing how history does repeat itself, and how democrats continue to come down on the side of defeat.



Written by thescolai

September 11, 2007 at 10:15 pm

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  1. Another great blog !!!!

    William Hampton

    September 13, 2007 at 9:57 am

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