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John Edwards

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I meant to write this yesterday, but the girls are out of school and fatherhood trumps my selfish wants everytime.

Most of you have heard about the Ann Coulter/Elizabeth Edwards exchange on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Whether you are a fan of Ann (like me), or admire Mrs. Edwards for her courageous fight with a deadly disease, ask yourself this:

What kind of “man” sends his cancer stricken wife out to fight his battles for him? I have a picture in my head of Mr. “I Feel Pretty” peeking his expensively coifed head out from behind his wife’s skirt sqeaking “Get her Mommy!” Edwards won’t go near a Fox News reporter, or any reporter that would do more than lob softballs to him for that matter, and yet he conspires with Chris Matthews to have my girl Ann ambushed on a liberal program by his terminally ill wife in hopes of creating some sympathy among female voters.

I am going to commit a completely altruistic act here. Anyone who reads this blog is aware that I am a Firefighter and a Biker. Those two things alone are obvious evidence that The Scolai carries far more than an average amount of scrotal material (for my Ohio readers that means I have rather large testes. Hold it! Sorry, I forgot I said “Ohio” readers. I meant to say “rather large ‘buckeyes'”). I am making an open offer to John Edwards.

John, using some of your ill gotten millions, find a qualified large animal vet, and I will allow “Sac Grafts” to be taken from me and supplied to you in hopes that you might, in time, actually grow a pair of BALLS! Of course this would probably cause you to switch party affiliation, start seeing a real barber, forego foundation, stand on your own two feet and fight your own battles. You might even find the courage to debate Ms. Coulter one on one. Although, since your testosterone level would be beyond conventional measure, I think debating her would be the last thing on your mind ( cause Conservative Chicks are HOT!).

For anyone who has spent the last few days under a rock, here is a video of the Ann/Elizabeth exchange.



Written by thescolai

June 28, 2007 at 2:27 pm

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  1. Great post !!! Edwards is a Wuss !!!

    William Hampton

    June 29, 2007 at 6:37 am

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