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Okay, there is a major problem with posting from my Treo that has to be addressed. Anyway, I’m taking a short break from yard work to avoid heat exhaustion and to remind everyone who checks this blog to watch “Rescue Me ” tonight on FX at 10:00pm.

If you’ve ever wondered what life in a fire house is really like, then this is your show. Some of my very worthy constituents disagree, but I have spent 16 years hanging around fire stations and I can say with authority that Denis Leary has some awesome, and very honest, consultants. The characters are dead on imitations of guys I’ve known over the years. On the “About the Scolai” page I mentioned that quite a few fellow firefighters have compared me to Leary’s character. I take that as a compliment. Tommy Gavin is a guy who does what he feels is best in any given situation, policy book be damned. If things go his way, great. If not, he has big enough shoulders to carry the burden. 

On a side note… I have begun a torrid affair. NO, Mrs. Scolai, it’s not time to call Magnum P.I. I am talking about cheating on my everyday beer. If you keep up with this blog, you know that besides being a champion of the Guinness family product, I am also a PBR diehard. But today, while walking through the local market, minding my own business, looking for some lunch time drummies, I spied “Natural Ice” on sale for $11.99 for a 30 pack. I admit it, I’M WEAK!! I couldn’t resist the clarion call of cheap beer!!!

Don’t forget RESCUE ME tonight on FX!!!



Written by thescolai

June 13, 2007 at 2:13 pm

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  1. Better make certain that the beer you consume is ..NON-Alcohol !!!!

    William Hampton

    June 14, 2007 at 6:59 am

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