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Sopranos Final Episode

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My friend Chris over at Pour Out posed a great question this morning, was the final episode of The Sopranos Brilliant, or Brainless? I have to cast my vote for “Brainless.” This great show did not deserve to go out on such a lame note. One hour to wrap up questions left from 6 seasons? Come on! A two hour finale’ may have worked better, but with as much time as David Chase seems to feel is necessary to waste on nothing story lines, it would take another season to properly close it out.

Who cares what the idiot son thinks he is going through? The kid has the world by the balls and wants to do nothing but cry about the state of the war on terror, and embarass himself with misplaced, idiotic literary references? Tony and Carmela are upset about Meadow not going to Med school as she ponders a starting offer of 170K at a top Manhattan Law Firm? Bringing back Hunter Scangarello for a cameo after 3 seasons absence? That was important to close out the show? Who is “Waldon”? and why was he given the contract on Phil? Why not Benny? A character we know, and who had a obvious grevience with Phil.

Paulie has misgivings about accepting more power and money? When has he not been overly concerned with both? What about The Russian? Furio? Did Carlo flip or is he dead? Is Sil going to make it or not? Who is this bald driver of Tony’s? what happend to the kid from last year? What about Larry and Albert Barrese? The ending? I thought my cable went out at a critical moment. Comcast was in the process of getting the call to end calls. The questions just keep on coming.

The only hope of redemption in this case, is if Chase is setting the stage for a Sopranos movie. It would be a chance to close all the storylines and this series on a high note. I think the show, and its fans deserve much better than what we’ve been left with.



Written by thescolai

June 11, 2007 at 2:07 pm

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  1. David Chase makes me want to puke !!!

    William Hampton

    June 11, 2007 at 6:15 pm

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