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Real Torture II

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After today, I don’t plan to comment on this subject for quite a while; it raises my blood pressure way too much. I read a report on the recovery of the remains of Pfc. Joseph Anzack. Contained in this report were descriptions of wounds that could have only come from his being tortured before being shot to death, and dumped in the Euphrates river by his captors. Tortured in the real sense, not the Rory Kennedy, Abu Ghraib, sense.

While I feel for the family of Pfc. Anzack–who by all accounts was an exemplary young man–I hope that people like Ms. Kennedy and Michael Moore realize the damage they are doing to our troops by marginalizing actual torture with their accounts of a weak, pseudo torture, that supposedly is practiced on terrorists in U.S. custody.

Michael Moore decries prisoner abuses, yet in his latest “documentary” SICKO, he attempts to storm the beach at Guantanamo Bay with survivors of the 9-11 attacks, in hopes that they may receive the same world class health care enjoyed by the terrorists held there. Terrorists, I might add, who are fed 5 times a day and given the right to pray 5 times a day. I wonder if Pfc. Anzack was given the opportunity to pray while he was being tortured for real. I wonder if he was given the opportunity to pray before being shot to death.

Rory Kennedy, in typical child of privilege fashion, see what amounts to fraternity pranks, as torture. I wonder if she is requesting autopsy photos of Pfc. Anzack. Does she really want to know what torture is? Does she realize that torture is not Joe Kennedy giving Bobby Kennedy indian burns in Hyannis Port? Or is she just hoping to push her pro-terror, anti-American agenda a little further.

I realize the following will sound harsh, but let me explain my position on torture and the war on terror. We are fighting a civilized war against an uncivilized enemy. As such, this war must be prosecuted at its most base level. None of this “Moral Authority” crap. None of this “We are better than  they are, we care, we want to encourage dialog with the murderous bastards who mean to kill us.” It’s time to require life for life, or in this case a 1000 lives for a life. The terrorists have shown time and again that the only thing they respect is raw power, it’s time for the U.S. military to be allowed to use the hand that has been, thus far,  kept tied behind it’s back, to conduct the most ruthless extermination of an enemy ever seen in the annals of history. 

Should this mean that we use real torture to extract information necessary to protect our troops and see this war to a victorious conclusion, such is life; war is hell, and those who started it should have that fact driven home to them. Preferably with a stake through their still beating hearts, a stake pounded through by friends of the tortured (for real), murdered, Pfc. Anzack and other U.S. soldiers who have met the same fate at the hands of these Islamic animals.

I gaurantee the terrorists WILL respect that.



Written by thescolai

May 25, 2007 at 9:06 am

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  1. Great Blog…and absolutely CORRECT !!!!!

    William Hampton

    May 25, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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