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I will be out of town for a few more days beginning today. I know I just got back, but the summer is heating up and I have things to do! My wife and I are leaving this afternoon for the 18th annual “Zoo-de-Mack.” The Zoo-de-Mack is a bike ride, not a bike race. As you know, I don’t ride bicycles. I do, however, find it hard to turn my back on a great party and that, my friends, is what Zoo-de-Mack is all about!

 “Potato Burgers” and PBR’s at The Railside Bar and Grillin Elmira are the order of the day,  followed by the pre ride bash at the Boyne Highlands “Zoo Bar” tonight.  Saturday begins with a scenic 60 mile ride from Harbor Springs to Mackinaw City, Michigan. The halfway point features a stop at the historic “Legs Inn” in Cross Village. Sports massages are available there for riders. Massages run a dollar a minute. Since we don’t ride, its easy to be first in line for a massage that helps to ease the effects of a night at the Zoo Bar. Last year, lying on a table next to my wife, with a cute masseuse climbing on me in a spousally approved manner, I heard the following, very relaxed, conversation taking place: 

Male Massuse: Ma’am, times about up.

Mrs. Scolai: I have money…DON’T STOP.

While most of the estimated 2,200 riders will continue on to parties on Mackinac Island that night, we are coming home on Saturday morning this year to attend an anniversary party for our friends Hutch and Mama Hutch. Hutch is a member of, and friend to, all the guys in my motorcycle club. Mama Hutch is a wonderful den mother to all the dysfunctional characters who have gathered under our colors. They are celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss and in their case, I believe it really has been “Bliss.”

At any rate…. I’ll be back on Sunday.

Have a great weekend,



Written by thescolai

May 18, 2007 at 5:39 am

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