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I try very hard to avoid the Interstate around here but this afternoon I had no choice but to take a different route to pick up some parts for my truck. Of course the traffic was wall to wall and nobody was going the speed limit. Usually a few clowns are intent on driving 80 despite the fact that the rest of us poor uneducated schlubs are trying to get home also, we just dont understand the intricacies of expressway driving like “they” do. I witnessed one such “ass pirate” (a term coined by my good friend spicy McHooligan) this afternoon. I was about 100 yards behind the wall of traffic in the middle lane when the offending power tie wearing over achiever decided that he would dart from the far left lane into the middle lane so he could go one micro mph faster than us schlubs. What he accomplished was almost flipping some poor bastards wave runner as he drove right into the side of it. The trailer came as close to going over as it possibly could without actually doing it. This in turn flung it up and over into the side of the brand new crossover SUV in the far right lane. So in one fell swoop the “AP” as I will call him, managed to ruin one guys weekend by wiping out his personal watercraft ( he appeared to be on his way up north) and damaging one nice ladys very expensive new vehicle. I certainly hope the “AP” feels he has fullfilled his destiny this afternoon. Good thing it wasnt my truck involved cause I would have bitch slapped the Mocha cream right off his upper lip.



Written by thescolai

May 11, 2007 at 4:50 pm

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  1. Another example of ” it’s all about me”. People like that really make my blood boil…oh well…as the Cardiologist said to me…” relax and let them be assholes”

    William Hampton

    May 14, 2007 at 9:36 am

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