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So many things running the grey matter and so little time to write them down.

 At the risk of rambling, today is a beautiful day here in MI, birds chirping, sun shining and all those rich urban bikers posing. I will admit to having looked with envy at a few of the bikes at the fire hall. I never take it any further than that. I just cant bring myself to split my time between a bike and my 64 Chevy, the car that my wife coined her “happy place” after a drive yesterday. All this time I was laboring under the crazy assumption that I was her “happy place” foolish foolish man I am.  As anyone who has seen me in this car can attest to, I love to drive just for the sake of driving (the gratuitous use of hydrocarbons if you will).  I believe that all that oil in the ground isnt doing us any darn good where it is.  The true enthusiast doesnt trailer his car or bike, he drives them. the-new-64-003.jpg

Which brings me to the social event of the spring here in MI, Billetproof 2007 in Davisburg,MI. This is where people who actually drive their stuff come to have fun. I attended the first show in 2004 after passing the fairgrounds on my way home from work in the AM. I noticed the sign and had passed a couple of old coupes and thought it may be fun. I have been hooked ever since. On June 2nd it happens again and I am looking forward to it with giddy anticipation. You can check out the happenings at



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May 7, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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