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“Dad, the Woods are on Fire”

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Yesterday, I was cleaning my garage. Over the course of the past winter, I had accumulated around 16 empty beer cases and a number of cardboard boxes that I needed to get rid of. The weather was beautiful for what seemed the first time this spring and, hoping to maximize my riding time, I decided to burn the boxes as a means of disposing of them as fast as possible. I live on 3 1/2 acres, most of which is heavily wooded. I only mow a 150’x100′ area around the house. This should help you picture this story.

The wind was blowing lightly as I started to burn the boxes and it picked up a bit as the fire grew. Being the safety conscious guy that I am, I stayed nearby and kept an eye on it. At one point, I was using a metal leaf rake to keep the material in a tight pile. As I was doing this, a gust of wind moved through causing the flames to leap up and melt my rake. The tines just fell into the fire and left me standing there with a stick.

I then got a flat shovel and stood by until the fire was out. Before going into the house, I checked the area and, seeing no smoke or flames, went in to take a shower. I got dressed, grabbed a beer, and sat down at the kitchen table to talk to my wife. We had been talking for a few minutes when my twin daughters walked in the room and non chalantly said:

“The Woods are on Fire, we’re going for a bike ride.”

Now, I don’t hear very well anymore, so I had to ask:


My daughters, almost off handedly, like this happens every day, slowly said:

“Dad,   the   woods   are   on   fire. We’re   going   for   a   bike   ride.”

I jumped up, ran outside, and saw that the woods were indeed on fire. Fueled by the wind, a 60’x30′ patch of leaves and underbrush, was burning its way towards my neighbors house! (The picture above is less than half the burned area.) I ran to my garage and grabbed a shovel, and yelled to my girls “Get off those bikes and get the hose over here.”

I spent the better part of the next hour putting the fire out. When I was done, I called my girls over and asked them why they had remained so calm when they came in to tell me the woods were burning. Was it that so many weird things go on around “Casa de la Scolai” that they are just no longer fazed? Or did they just have so much confidence in their Dad’s ability to handle things that they felt no need to panic? “The Princess,” being the helpful child she is, immediately cast her vote for the former. Smootchy and Mugsy, were more diplomatic. “A little bit of both we guess.”

Just another day in the life of,

The Scolai


Written by thescolai

April 23, 2007 at 9:45 am

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