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Small Blessings

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(Originally Posted at on 4.1.2007)

Do you ever stop to think about the small blessings in your life? The little things that make you stop for a minute and smile? I was driving my wife to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. As I got into her car, I noticed a new CD jewel box in the door. Now this may not seem like much, but often times, it doesn’t take much to get my mind moving in unexpected directions.

Some small blessings in my life:

Walking into Borders and buying a new book whenever I like.

Using my debit card to get gas; without it being declined.

CD’s delivered directly to my door.

Three beautiful, healthy daughters who still hug me, kiss my cheek, and tell me they love me.

A motorcycle that starts the first time I hit the button (If you’ve ever owned a “Kicker”, you know why this is a blessing).

Tim Dorsey Novels.

Lonesome Dove” on DVD.

The Bunny Blog” I think Erin is completely out of her mind, but man can she write.

Mosh Pits.

Pabst Blue Ribbon in the refrigerator, and Jim Beam in the cupboard.

A black cat with an attitude.

Seeing old friends after a long absence and realizing that nothing has changed.

4 ounces of half and half once in a while

The occasional pound of bacon

Not that I want one, but I can buy a Koran in this country a whole lot easier than you can buy a Bible in Iran.

This list could go on and on and on. For Americans, think of how blessed you are to have been born here. Regardless of the feelings of the left wing lunatic fringe, there is a reason the rest of the world wants to come here, and it sure as hell isn’t for their brand of big government liberalism. I think blessings come in small everyday moments. Having enough butter to scramble a couple of eggs for example. It doesn’t seem important until you’re eating a dry, hard boiled egg. Take a good look around, you are probably more blessed than you know.



Written by thescolai

April 22, 2007 at 2:03 pm

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