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Harry Reid

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I was going to share my thoughts on this cheap, crooked, defeatist prick, and all the rest of the nutless wonders in his party, but when my Father forwarded this e-mail to me, I realized the writer had already done the work. Thanks “Crotchety Old Bastard” for putting my thoughts and those of countless other unapologetic, unbowed Americans into words. Harry Reid is no better than an American “Quisling” and should meet the same fate.


Senator, you want to end the war? Then put up or shut the **** up

Dear Senator Reid,

Thank you for finally putting this whole Iraq War mess to bed. The timing couldn’t be better for my family.You see, my son is serving in this “lost war” with the 82nd Airborne Division; actually on his third tour. My family will be very happy to have him home within 30 days because then he can attend my daughter’s graduation from college and Commissioning Ceremony.

My bride is skeptical of all of this but I reassured her that I know for a fact that he will be home soon because based on your statement and being the Senate Majority Leader, you will kill all funding for this “lost war” immediately.

My bride was still unconvinced and I explained it to her this way.

If Senator Reid, based on the information that the Senate Majority Leader, has determined that this war is lost; there is nothing left to do but come home. The way I see it, if you were to vote for anything less; you would be personally liable for any future wounded or God-Forbid dead soldiers.

Although, I have the utmost confidence that you will do the right thing and de-fund this war immediately; I have retained legal council just in case.

So, know this Senator; if you don’t de-fund this war within seven days, I will hold you personably liable for any harm to American servicemen. If the war is lost and you have the power to end it then just do it. Stop whining like a ***** and just do it……You, a person in high authority in the US government, have made a definitive statement that an action is occurring with no redeeming value. Said action is causing harm and death to US citizens. You have the unique power to stop said action and thusly stop the harm.

So Harry, I say have the balls to actually do it or find yourself liable. Governing is not just whining and pandering. At some point you have to actually govern. It is painfully clear that you have neither the intellectual power nor the fuzzy kiwis to actually do it.

Feel free to share this with Neville Nancy as I plan the exact same action for her pathetic ***.

The soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen that you are endangering by either your idiotic statements that empower the enemy or your overt inaction that contributes to their danger; are American citizens. In either case, you have endangered them and you alone have the ability to correct it.

See you in court.

Very sincerely,
Crotchety Old Bastard

(See for the great cartoon that accompanied this e-mail)


Written by thescolai

April 21, 2007 at 7:13 am

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