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Granholm’s Law

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  I was raised to always be respectful of women. Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm makes this a difficult task. Word came out last week that Granholm is pushing the State Police to crack down on motorcyclists who wear so called “novelty lids.” Given that you can’t get a straight answer from the Department of Transportation as to what standards they use to determine whether or not this useless piece of “safety gear” actually complies to their standard, how can we actually be sure that an over eager trooper, who would surely rather be hitting on the counter girl at the local Dunkin’ Donuts, instead of hassling bikers, will have any objectivity when determining whether or not to ticket you under Michigan’s draconian lid law?

This latest stunt on the part of our imbecilic Canadian transplant is just another example of her efforts to turn the once great State of Michigan into her idea of a Socialist utopia (read: third rate welfare state). While others states are benefiting from increased tourist dollars by eliminating big brother statutes like helmet laws, Granholm seeks to ratchet ours up. Of all the Great Lakes states, Michigan is hands down the most beautiful, but most out of state bikers will never know this, because they would rather ride free, than be forced to wear something that diminishes their sight, hearing, comfort, and overall safety just to make liberals like Granholm and her smug sycophant, Liz Boyd, feel maternal and useful. Last year, both the Michigan State Senate, and the State House of Representatives, voted to rid the state of this ridiculous, regressive law, but Ma Granholm, playing a twisted game of “Mother Knows Best” vetoed this common sense piece of legislation.    

When will Granholm realize that she is the Governor of a state in a constitutionally limited republic, and not a “Peoples
Republic ” or nearly as bad, the Socialist nation of her birth? (You can always spot a Granholm voter by their perpetually sunburned palms, caused by their habit of continually looking for hand outs; and the chronic chapped lips from non stop suckling at the government teat).  It was her decision to leave this idiotic, antiquated, law in place when the people, through their elected representatives, said it should go the way of women asking their husbands permission to cut their hair (another law still on the Michigan books by the way).

While other states are lowering taxes, and in some cases, eliminating personal income taxes, Granholm believes the way to prosperity is to tax businesses out of Michigan, and individuals into bankruptcy. Instead of adopting Conservative economic policies with a proven track record of success in other states, she is determined to resort to failed liberal, big government policies, with her mantra being tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend. Instead of attacking crime, Ma Granholm is hitting law enforcement with budget cuts. Although, one budget  being left intact is the one that covers her husbands “staff.” I was discussing this with a friend of mine this morning (you will be hearing from him a lot in the near future, start watching for “Ole Reliable” on this site), his take on it was classic: “Maybe if her old man used his God given ‘staff’ a little better, she wouldn’t be such a frustrated, bitter woman.” I don’t think you can put it any better than that! Why a guy who can’t even figure out his own hyphenated name needs a staff is beyond me. Then again, maybe he needs a secretary to keep track of his cojones in case Jenny takes them out of her purse.

Jennifer Granholm seems to be dedicated to taking Michigan down the path blazed by Gray Davis in California. I think its high time Michigan voters followed the lead of the few common sense Californians in captivity, and voted to recall another governor who has lost touch with reality.



Written by thescolai

April 19, 2007 at 12:10 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Well I see our fine govenor has managed to piss off the bikers in this state. Just like the thug in Detroit she gets re-elected by the libbies. She has taxed cigs now beer is in her sights and we have paid 3 years of property tax in two years. I just have one question, how did the schools ever run pre LOTTO? And the Scolai spelled her name wrong, I believe it is spelled Gov Grandtheft. And then I heard that Mr Grandtheft drives a Toyota. Nice, the husband of the goveror of the car capital of the world drives a foreign piece of s#$t (I know none of my relatives do. do they?) By the way I truly believe in the near future they will discover that liberalism is a disease and untreatable these people are really sick.


    April 19, 2007 at 2:22 pm

  2. A Mercury, A Ford, A Saturn, and A Victory Baby!


    April 19, 2007 at 3:08 pm

  3. […] May 20th, 2007 by thescolai I think I have a new favorite sport. It’s like the pre-Bettman NHL on grass. I wonder how long it will take a bunch of non-playing do gooders to start demanding helmets. Do me a favor…don’t pass this video along to Jennifer Granholm. […]

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