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I originally posted this piece on my other blog site. I am re-posting it here to explain what put our Pred friend off his feed. (See the Post Below.)

It was a banner night for Sunday television: Sopranos, followed by Entourage, followed by a repeat episode of The Shield that I missed earlier in the week. Speaking of “week” well, in this case “weak”, I have to apologize for the last few posts. I am caught in the grip of a nasty case of writers block. It seems to be moving through
Michigan like a virus. Even The Hooligan has it. Forget Influenza, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and the HIV, this is serious!!

My only saving grace at the moment, besides the afore mentioned shows, is that I finally laid my hands on the new Tim Dorsey novel “Hurricane Punch.” Serge is back with a vengeance, Coleman is Coleman and all is right in Dorsey’s world. If you are not familiar with writers block, it is probably more frustrating than E.D. I say probably because I have been genetically blessed in that, at least what’s there, works. To give you an idea of what it’s like, here are a few aborted pieces:

Last night, in between calls at the station, I was beating my head against the wall. What can I write about for tomorrow? Is anything interesting happening anywhere? I know a lot is going on right now, but the 24 hour news cycle tends to deaden the impact over time. How many times can you hear “nappy headed Ho’s” and still be interested in the cyber lynching of one tired, old, wrinkled up, frizzy headed alcoholic? (Is it okay to call someone a “frizzy headed alcoholic”? Have to check that one out with the “Justice Brothers” I guess.) 

I’m a big fan of Fox News. I know FOX scares the life out of most Democrats as is evidenced by their refusal to even debate each other at any event sponsored by Fox. What are they worried about? That they might have to actually give up what they really believe and not be allowed to dance around the moderator’s questions with impunity? Unlike CNN and MSNBC where news is presented as nothing more than a vehicle to promote a Socialist agenda, Fox does try to present both sides of any given issue, how else do you explain a tool like Alan Colmes, or the fact that ass clowns like Terry McAuliffe and Bob Beckel are even let past the receptionist’s desk?

Michael Moore took ailing Ground Zero workers to Cuba in an attempt to prove socialized medicine is superior to health care in the U.S. One source stated that the responders had received the “Elvis Treatment.” So Michael Moore, proven distorter of the truth and propagandist extraordinaire, feels we would be better off with socialized medicine. Ask yourself this: Where do people of means from around the world come to when it’s life or death? Do you think the average Cuban worker receives the “Elvis Treatment”? And even if we had socialized medicine in this country, do you think that Michael Moore would carry his fat, hypocritical ass to the local clinic? 

Red Wings 3, Flames 1.

There are “Predators” and then there are “Preds.” Predators are things like Lions, Tigers, Bears and Red Wings. They have the killer instinct necessary to vanquish opponents and prey and come out victorious and well fed. They are the gritty, blue collar, goin’ to work types in the animal kingdom. Teams that choose these mascots tend to adopt certain traits associated with these “Predators.” Fans of these teams tend to be of the rough and tumble, beer and a shot variety, your everyday, average loyal fan base.  And then there are “Preds” They may be thought of as Metrosexual Lions, Tigers, and Bears, but never confused with Red Wings. Their instincts lead them to second place in the NHL Central Division. They are the Euro Ballerinas of Gary Bettman’s wet dreams. Male Fans of “Preds” tend to fall into the soft handed, White Zinfandel category. 

Do you see what I mean? I could have a lot of fun with any of these topics. Unfortunately, just when things are heating up my mental E.D. kicks in and I have to start over.  

Is there such a thing as Literary Viagra? 



Written by thescolai

April 17, 2007 at 2:46 pm

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