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Ann Coulter caused a firestorm while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, by taking a joking swipe at John Edwards’ sexuality. Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, probably had to double his usual dose of Thorazine to keep from spinning off the planet after he heard that one. As it was, Dr. Dean merely called for all Republican Presidential candidates to denounce Ms. Coulter.

Well Howie old boy, why don’t you start off by denouncing Hillary for lying about every position she has ever taken on any issue that affected her power grabs? Why not denounce Algore for the hypocrite that he is? Why not denounce Cindy Sheenhan for exploiting the death of Casey Sheehan (I won’t call him her son because she hadn’t been his mother for many years before he lost his life in service to his country)? Bill Clinton’s philandering? Terry McAuliffe, for his gangster politics? Or how about denouncing your own lack of self control whenever a microphone is placed anywhere near you?  

Yet again, Ann made a great point: You can’t say or do anything, anywhere in this country, without someone, somewhere getting pissed off and demanding an apology, or worse yet, wanting you to turn yourself in to some “re-education” camp in the guise of rehab. Of course, its perfectly alright to say you wish the President was dead, that you want to punch him in the face, that you want to kick his ass, run to foreign lands and bad mouth this country, or even to pull yourself and your sixties sensibilities out of mothballs long enough to reveal your own self loathing and the hatred you feel for the country that guarantees your right to hate it. But whatever you do, don’t offend a part of the left wing base. 

Personally, I’m glad Ann said what she said. It’s high time someone with a platform told those on the Left to get over it. Just because you call someone a name they don’t like doesn’t mean you’re a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, whatever label the lefties want to brand you with, does it Je$$e Jack$on? Not all of us have forgotten “Hymietown.”  Go back to the February 5th post on this site; you’ll see John Edwards starring in “I Feel Pretty.” Tell me if John doesn’t appear to have a little more “fashion sense” than the average man. I am not a gay basher. Even though I believe homosexuality to be a sin, I’m honest enough with myself (unlike so many on the left) to know that God is not a respecter of persons and that in his eyes, my own sins are as great as theirs. 

I applaud Ms. Coulter for saying what was on her mind, just like I applauded Danny DeVito after his appearance on “The View,” when a bunch of whiney people started sniveling “are you going to rehab?” Danny had been out having some fun and had been a little over served, BFD. I cheered when he said “I have no reason to.” (Although I would take issue with his choice of libation, Lemonchellos, and company, George Clooney) Bravo Ann, you lovely swan necked hunk o’ cheesecake, for having the figurative balls lacking in so many of your male counter parts, and the courage to speak your mind.


Here’s a small clip of Ann’s speech:

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