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Anyone reading this post owes me an unimaginable debt of gratitude. I just swallowed my pride and took a BIG one for the team. What I’m speaking of is the two and half minutes of my life that has been lost forever watching a “HillCast” on Madame Clinton’s propaganda page.  Folks, I literally went through a box Wet Naps trying to wash the dumb out of my eyes. I’ll go over some of the worst ideas so that you won’t have to waste your time watching “The World’s Smartest Woman” self destruct.

In typical “HillSpin”, Madame Clinton uses the word “Redeployment” when speaking of her plan to end the Iraq War by defeating America. She wants to see troop levels capped at January 1, 2007 levels. The Commander in Chief says that 21,500 more are needed to secure Iraq so that the Iraqi government can assume its own security in a more timely fashion. She states that her trips to Iraq have included meetings with top military officials, officials of the Iraqi government, and troops in the field. Amazingly, she would like you to believe that Iraqi officials are telling her something different than they are telling Bush administration officials, and that soldiers in the field would confide in one of the most anti military Senators this country has ever seen. Redeployment, to Hillary, is nothing less than tucking tail and running like a scalded dog.

Madame Clinton further states that she wants to protect the troops by being certain they have the proper equipment and training. This is laughable. The United States troops now in Iraq have the finest training and equipment available to any armed force on the face of the earth. Is the training and equipment perfect? Of course not; nothing ever is; but show me one fighting force better trained or equipped. Maybe she meant that she wants to literally protect the troops. I find this hard to believe as she would probably have to be shown the dangerous end of any weapon she chose. A better use for her in this regard would be in PSYOPS. Imagine a captured Al-Qaeda operative being forced to listen to that shrill voice, with no concept of amplified sound, for 24 hours. Better yet, imagine if this same terrorist was given the option of giving up Bin-Laden or being given a double dose of Viagra and being told Hillary was his only option for “release.” I think we’d have Osama in about 30 seconds.

Next, she lets us know that we have been in Iraq longer than we fought World War II. First, in WWII Roosevelt only had to fight our enemies overseas, he didn’t have to waste his time fighting self serving Congressmen and Senators at home.Secondly, comparing the Iraq War with World War II only serves to highlight the successes of American ground forces. In WWII, American troops suffered an overall casualty rate of about 6.5%. On an adjusted basis, the casualty rate for troops engaged in the Iraq War is roughly 1.5%. I’d say that given the circumstances, our troops are fairly well protected.

She ends her self serving diatribe by telling us that if George Bush doesn’t end this war before his term is up, she will do it when SHE is President. A little full of herself don’t you think? She has yet to win one primary and she has already anointed herself the Democrat candidate in 2008. Well with the “Clean and Articulate” Barack Obama, and cankle biters like John Edwards and Joe Biden around, she may want to hold off polishing that tiara.

Lastly, if you ignore my advice and actually watch a “HillCast” for yourself, prepare to be surprised at the level of bitterness that comes through her voice and body language. Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder… Do you think she’s still bitter over being the only one at the Love In that had to practice “Self Love”?

Just a thought.



Written by thescolai

February 19, 2007 at 6:12 am

3 Responses

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  1. I always enjoy reading your stuff.

    This particular subject, HMS Hillary, is being withheld on my part for a little later in the year. Trust me, I’m chomping at the bit with 2 articles written and complete, for the most part, and a photo gallery 25 strong.

    I may toss out a photo only type post like your’s on Squeaky Spears, just to let off steam.




    February 19, 2007 at 1:39 pm

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