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A Policy for Pelosi

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  On January 11, 2007, Nancy Pelosi made the following statement:

…But our military forces deserve a policy commensurate with the sacrifices they have been asked to make.

The new Speaker is correct. Here is a policy that is guaranteed to work:

“Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.”  Ernest Hemingway

Think about it Nancy; Or does it just make too much sense?



Written by thescolai

February 12, 2007 at 5:49 am

2 Responses

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  1. I agree with you and Hemingway. Why go to war if you do not intend to win. War is not a game.


    February 12, 2007 at 6:29 am

  2. What does winning look like? On the other hand, what does losing look like?

    How will we know when it is time to leave all the new military bases we’re building and bring our troops home?


    February 12, 2007 at 8:40 am

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