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George Clooney in Newsweek

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  Recently, George Clooney sat down with Ginanne Brownell to talk about his view of U.S. International Relations. While Clooney is fawned over by film critics and a large portion of the female population, I found him to be a rather vapid, self important, mouth breather. The article states Clooney met with state officials in Egypt to put pressure on the Sudanese government led by President Omar al-Bashir. What pressure could Clooney possibly bring? Last I knew, he is an actor; is there anything related to that profession that would cause a head of state to bend to his will? Clooney seems to think so.  

Clooney goes on to state that in meetings with various heads of state, he has been told “Your policies in
Iraq have made it impossible for you now to threaten anything.” Clooney quickly agrees stating: “We have no moral high ground.”
Well George, we do have the moral high ground. We have it because we liberated 26 million people who were being oppressed in Iraq . We have it because little girls can now go to school in Afghanistan . We have it because the Bush administration’s initiative to combat AIDS and Malaria in Africa is the largest foreign aid program in our history. We have it because we are rebuilding Iraq while terrorists continue to attack the infrastructure. We have it because we are the most generous nation in the history of the world. As to our policies making it impossible for us to threaten anything…I agree. As long as Democrats and Pacifists continue to demonstrate, continue to attempt to undermine the war effort and continue to pander to lowest common denominator, the bad guys will continue to see us as a paper tiger.

Clooney says he was raised to look at the United States “not from the inside out, but from the outside in.” He says that he is in favor of the United States putting itself under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, and that he now has to defend being an American while in Europe . Well Georgie old boy, it would be easy for you to see the U.S. from the outside in, for you to personally fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC, and to quit apologizing for being an American. It is common knowledge that you have a beautiful home in Italy. Becoming a permanent ex-patriot would seem to suit you just fine. But you won’t do that will you? You will continue to use the freedoms provided you by the U.S. Constitution to push for a one world government (yes I read between the lines, it’s a gift…I don’t talk about it much) and to run this country down for having the colossal gall to defend itself in the face of naked aggression. All the while, continuing to make $20,000,000 a picture in a safe, protected place. That safety and protection being provided by the very country that you seek to tear down.

According to People magazine George Clooney is the “Sexiest Man Alive.” He should stick to looking pretty and leave American foreign policy to those with the balls to carry it out.



Written by thescolai

February 7, 2007 at 1:06 pm

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  1. Mr. Clooney evidently wields enough influence to take meetings with governmental officials, even if they are low level representatives of the nations in question. And as for actors offering opinions on matters political

    I think Ronald Reagan would have disagreed with you. I do agree with the premise that our Republic should be viewed by friend and foe alike with no uncertainty. We should stand ready to come to the aid of friends at a moments notice and make adversaries suffer a hundred fold for any injustice committed against freedom.

    While the President and his “people” love to display lots of testicular endowment, sadly they seem a bit out of depth when it comes to “tactical” ability in the field.

    George like L.B.J tends to forget he was never actually in a battle or under direct fire in combat. Still he must feel the title commander in chief some how imbues him with the ability to not only order up a war but like L.B.J tell his generals how to fight it, and fire those with the temerity to voice challenges in matters of tactical application.

    I have always marveled at the conviction of others with zero experience in conflict when it comes to just how it is a hill should be taken. So while the President and his boys do indeed have a fine set of brass balls to swing around its the lack of common sense and utter incompetence that explains just why in the opinion of the vast majority of Americans he failed and failed miserably.

    P.S Burton

    February 7, 2007 at 1:57 pm

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