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I want to vomit! This has to be saddest day American “Justice” has EVER seen. If George Bush doesn’t IMMEDIATELY pardon these two brave men and publicly denounce the actions of the Judge, Jury and Prosecutor, then I am all done with him and urge all Americans to withdraw their support of the President. This travesty must not be allowed to stand.

If this is the type of support that Border Agents can expect from their government, they might as well just walk off the job and let the greasy bastards overrun us.

Please, Please, Please keep these men and their families in your thoughts and prayers. 


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Written by thescolai

January 18, 2007 at 8:03 am

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  1. Scolai:
    It is good to see there are others here at you are standing up for those two Border Patrol agents – and we must not forget them as they begin their unjustified prison sentence. The battle to prevent them from serving one day in prison has been lost – but the war has just begun to free them and return them back to their families. I have been following this closely and it amazed me how a couple of commentators at LPJ could be so cold toward these two men who served America by protecting our borders, living in danger everyday (I can relate because I have participated in two combat tours in the 15 years I served active duty). One commentator stated that he hoped the two would “rot in prison” – clearly someone who has no respect for law enforcement officers in general.
    Anyway, thanks for speaking out for these guys.


    January 20, 2007 at 8:00 am

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