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Mosh Aerobics

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Fitness experts constantly tout the benefits of cross training. A couple of years back I was re-introduced to the aerobic benefits derived from spending two or more hours in an active Mosh-Pit. For any of you who, like me, remember this activity from the late 1970’s; it’s a different world. I don’t recommend it for anyone currently drawing social security, but for those of us convinced that age is a state of mind; what follows is list of Celtic Punk bands sure to give you a work out in the “Pit”. 

1.)   The Real McKenzies. Best Song in the Pit-  13

2.)   Flatfoot 56. Best Song in the Pit- Knuckles Up

3.)   Dropkick Murphys. Best Song in the Pit- Captain Kelly’s Kitchen

4.)   Street Dogs. Best Song in the Pit- Not Without a Purpose

5.)   Blaggards. Best Song in the Pit- Irish Rover

For anyone who has never scene a Mosh Pit, here is a good example.

Yes. I know that it’s a Metal Pit, but it was the best example I could find. It’s also why I linked to all the bands I mentioned.

For the curious out there: At 40+ I still wind up in the middle of these a few times a year!



Written by thescolai

January 15, 2007 at 1:26 am

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