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Capital Punishment

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Gus McCrae: [Call and McRae are about to hang the Suggs brothers] Say goodbye to your brothers; I expect you got them into this.
Dan Suggs: The hell with them! They ain’t worth a red piss; and neither are you!
Gus McCrae: I’ll say this, Suggs; you’re the kind of man it’s a pleasure to hang. If all you can talk is guff, you can talk it to the Devil.

If you’ve ever seen the mini series “Lonesome Dove” I’m sure you remember the above exchange. Woodrow, Gus and the boys had just captured, and were about to hang, some horse thieves who had also been on a killing spree. Those captured included one of their best friends, a man named Jake Spoon, who had “crossed the line.”The great thing about this bit of frontier justice was that it was swift and sure. There was no thought of a long, drawn out trial at taxpayer expense. No psychologists brought in to explain the poor murderer’s state of mind. And certainly no state funded 25 year stay on Death Row. These men were caught red-handed, it was clear they were guilty, and they paid the price the law demanded almost immediately. This type of Capital Punishment serves as a deterrent to crime. 

What brought me to this topic today was a radio report that more and more Death Row inmates are dying of old age. It isn’t that AARP is sponsoring a new version of Murder Inc.; it’s that Death Row prisoners are spending 20+ years waiting to be executed! It reminded me of the old adage “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”  To see to it that Justice is no longer delayed I suggest the following:A National Capital Punishment Day. One day a year when every prison holding inmates on Death Row would “clear the decks” so to speak. One day when prisons would fire up old sparky, lay out lethal injection tables, build gallows, sharpen the guillotine, assemble firing squads, hand out cereal bowls full of sleeping pills, anything to see to it that Capital sentences are carried out. Certainty of punishment would have the desired effect on crime rates, proving once and for all that Capital Punishment, when correctly applied, works. 



Written by thescolai

January 9, 2007 at 12:50 am

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