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Democrats Promise Action on Ethics, Iraq

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It is really hard to type when you are laughing as hard as I am right now. The title says it all. I was online catching up on today’s news when I came across this bit of comedy. Not that it’s funny having these people back in power; actually that part is kind of frightening. No, what’s funny is watching them act like its still 1967, that there is no alternative media, and that no one will remember their past actions.

  Democrats and Ethics, the only two words more mutually exclusive are Democrats and Pro-Life. Remember when the Bill Clintons rode into town and promised us the most ethical administration ever? Remember Vince Foster? How about John Huang and James Riady? The White House travel office? Whitewater (I know, that one is like kicking a cripple)? Or better yet, one of my personal favorites, turning the
Lincoln bedroom into a Motel Six, as Danny Devito so recently reminded us.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who is currently being investigated for his role in a shady land deal that netted him 1.1 Million dollars (remember he is a member of the Democratic leadership now promising “Action on Ethics!”), stated: “There is nothing political about finding a policy to end the war in Iraq, raising the minimum wage, achieving energy independence or helping kids afford college. “In fact, politics has prevented progress on these issues for too years.”

  I must agree politics has prevented progress for too many years, but I must ask: Who has been playing politics? Which party, instead of looking for ways to end the war in Iraq victoriously, is looking to end the warin Iraq by running away and having terrorism follow to the American heartland?

Which party doesn’t understand basic economics? If you raise the minimum wage fewer people will be hired (especially young people) into entry level jobs. People go into business to make a profit, not to support some politician’s social agenda.  

Which party has blocked every effort to increase oil exploration in this country, making us more dependent on foreign sources?

 And yes, kids do need help affording college. But which party has continually blocked efforts to see that kids receive a quality education that is actually education and not simply indoctrination to the party line?

 Well enough of that, I know that questioning the Democratic leadership is a good way to get audited.  The funniest picture this article painted was of Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who is himself in the Democratic leadership, being heckled by Cindy Sheehan and some other bored housewives who don’t seem to have seen a razor or deodorant since 1967. “De-escalate, investigate, troops home now!”  It’s going to be an interesting, and in some ways hilarious, next couple of years. 



Written by thescolai

January 5, 2007 at 12:05 am

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