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Watches for a Man’s Man

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Expensive or not, as long as it looks good, a fine watch will catch my eye. If you are a man, forget Swatch, or any Japanese Movement drug store special. A Man’s Man needs at least two good watches.  Recently, I did an online search of my favorite brands. The following list is not meant to be inclusive, just to serve as a guide in the search for the perfect watch for the individual Man’s Man.

 For nights on the town, or special occasions, check out the following:

 1.)    Rolex. The gold standard of watches for any Man’s Man.  While I would recommend working with a reputable local Jeweler, if that is not possible, make a cursory search on E-bay and check out a seller’s reputation. I was able to find over 100 quality pieces ranging from a 1956 Stainless Steel Air King for $1,150.00, all the way up to a 2007 Platinum Diamond Masterpiece, retail price: $231,350.

  2.)   Breitling. A watch for the Man’s Man on the way up; Heavy-in a good sense-, and very nice looking. Breitling bracelet style Divers watches start around $800.00, and run all the way up to $23,500 for the beautiful Evolution Red Arrows.

  3.)   Omega. In my mind, your father’s fine time piece. Although, I am sure some will disagree with me. You can find a very nice Speed master Automatic for under $1,200.00, and continue up in price to the Deville Co-Axial Rattraparte retailing around $7,700.

  4.)   Tag Heuer. Listed below Omega due only to price, I think that the Tag carries more cache and is probably the better watch these days.Quality Tag Heuer divers watches begin at around $350.00. The CW9110 retails at just under $7,000.00.

 Note: For those who are wondering, I don’t run a Still or any other illegal side business. I don’t expect to ever own any of the above watches. I just admire their craftsmanship, and recommend them to those who can afford them without making their children eat government cheese. 

Now, we come to my area of expertise, everyday watches for blue collar guys.

  1.)    Wenger Swiss Military. My personal favorite. Ranging in price from $75.00 to $500.00, these watches look great, are very rugged, and work well in any situation.  

 2.)   Oniss. I know, you’re thinking “WHAT?” Trust me on this one. Go online and Google “Oniss”. These watches are catching on in a big way. I love a good heavy watch. Recently, I let a friend of mine try my Submarine Chronograph. His first comment was “That’s a boat anchor!” He meant it as a compliment. Priced at around $150.00, for quality and style they simply can’t be beat. 

  3.)   Timex. Old Reliable.  Although not my personal favorite, the slogan “Takes a Licking, and Keeps on Ticking” is true in spades. Ranging in price from $29.95 to just under$200.00, these watches look good and will give you many years of great service.

  Remember, these are just my personal favorites. I’m sure there are many fine watches out there that have been omitted. Find what works for you and go with it.



Written by thescolai

December 28, 2006 at 1:14 am

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