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Have We Lost Our Minds!?!

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Here’s the story: Two Border Patrol Agents are on duty outside of El Paso Texas. They observe a van driving erratically and pull it over. Inside the van they find a few hundred pounds of marijuanna. They attempt to arrest the driver who, miracle of miracles, is an illegal alien. The driver runs for the Mexican border. The agents order him to stop, and when he doesn’t, they fire their weapons at the fleeing felon hitting him once in the buttocks . The driver escapes, and the agents seize the van and the marijuanna. Score one for the Border Patrol, right? Not so fast gopher breath.

Fast forward two months later. The illegal alien, fugitive, drug dealer walks into the office of the U.S.  District Attorney for El Paso Texas, and states he is going to sue the Border Patrol  for violating his civil rights! You read correctly. Violating this scum bag’s civil rights. As if he has any in this country!! So what did the district attorney do? Did he arrest this man for possession with intent to distribute? No. Did he detain him for immediate deportation? No. Did he tell him to take his greasy, sore ass back across the border before he gave the agents another shot at him? No. This Jackass, who I’m ashamed to say is a Bush appointee, arrested the Border Patrol agents! And as if this wasn’t insane enough, a jury (probably packed with other illegals) convicted the agents!!

These two men, who were only doing their job, now face prison! These men deserve a bonus, a promotion, a medal, better fire arms training(so that next time they hit the scum bag in the head instead of the butt), anything but prison. I have been a Bush supporter from day one. He is definitely NOT a conservative, but was miles ahead of Algore and John Kerry on every issue that mattered. However, if President Bush does not immediately pardon these two brave men and set right the idiotic actions of the D.A. and Jury in El Paso, I will never again support this President and will urge all others to withdraw their support. 



Written by thescolai

December 27, 2006 at 2:32 am

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