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Last night at a Christmas party, I met a young army sergeant home on leave from
Iraq. He was playing pool with a friend and proudly wearing his uniform. Some of my friends and I (all Vet’s, I might add) went over to introduce ourselves and thank him for his commitment and for the sacrifice he has made to defend our freedoms. He was humble, and graciously accepted our thanks. He seemed almost embarrassed to have old guys like us tell him that we were proud of him.

 Compare this young man, who was probably no older than twenty, to other kids his age. Many of them can’t speak English, even though they were born here. They can’t keep their pants up, haven’t mastered wearing a ball cap, and still look to their parents to support them. They seek no responsibilities and few adults have the backbone to insist on civil behavior from these self centered jackanapes. 

I hate to think of any fine young soldier in harm’s way. I know that being in harm’s way is his job, and that he goes without complaint, he goes out of a sense of duty that is foreign to many people his age. I don’t think combat is what awakens this sense of duty in such young men. I believe it starts the moment they exit the bus at places like:

Paris Island, Fort Leonard Wood, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, and Lackland.

I didn’t think it possible, but I think I agree with Rep. Charlie Rangel on one thing–

Maybe it’s time to reinstitute the draft.


Written by thescolai

December 21, 2006 at 11:45 pm

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