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“If curses came from the heart, it would be a sin. But it is from the lips they come, and we use them only to give force to our speech, and they are a great relief to the heart.”

From “The Western Island” by Peig Sayers

I would never take the time to advocate cursing as a part of everyday speech. However, there are times when punctuating your conversation with a few choice words will both clarify your position and fix your words in the mind of the hearer.

 It has been said that nothing states your position more clearly than a punch in the face. I believe that’s true. But in today’s litigious society, you could wind up supporting the unconvinced, or fighting illegal immigrants for bench space in a holding cell at the county jail. Neither option is very attractive in my mind. 

So, when faced with a choice of making a point with words or your knuckles, take the advice offered by Peig Sayers, or think of General Patton who once stated:

“When I want the men to remember something, I give it to them loud and dirty. That way, I know they’ll remember it.”



Written by thescolai

December 21, 2006 at 3:00 am

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