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North Korea a Nuclear Power?

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So, today North Korea declared itself a nuclear power. Well thank you Bill Clinton! All of your your hand wringing, begging, and appeasement obviously got this country nowhere in it’s dealings with the goofy haired, porn loving, drunken midget Kim Jong-il.

I know, how could it be Bubba’s fault? He’s been gone for almost six years. Let’s review, shall we? 1994. North Korea says “Hey Billy boy, we’ll dismantle our nuclear weapons program if you’ll help us build two reactors. Trust us.” Now a blind child could see where this is going. “Sure, we’ll dismantle our weapons;right over Japan, four years from now, once you give us the ability to enrich uranium.” But good ol’ Bubba – not being a blind child, no sir- readily agree’s to help.

However, in the interest of not looking like he’d go soft on a mass murdering communist dictator, Clinton decides to send an emmissary to lay down the law and make sure Kim Jong-il lives up to his part of the bargain. I can imagine the thought process that went into this selection. You would hope it was something along the lines of: “Who will best represent American interests on the Korean Peninsula? Who will stand strong and defend neccessary U.S. policies at this critical juncture? Who will command the respect of these backward little bastards? You would hope that thoughts such as these went into picking the right man for the job. Sadly, I’m certain the thought process was more along this line: Who would make a good wingman for cruisin’ North Korean babes on official state visits?

So, just who did the “Slick One” send? Who was entrusted to project American might? Who carried “The Big Stick” to North Korea? Wait for it…. Wait for it…..


That’s right, America’s own latter day Neville Chamberlain! And what did Jimmy do? Why he headed to Pyongyang to negotiate and effectively mirrored his predecessor’s actions at Munich by bending over, grabbing his ankles, and hanging on for dear life!

Yes, today’s annoucement by North Korea is the fruit of a seed planted long ago by the Clinton administration.

Could someone in Washington D.C. please tell me why we’re not giving Kim Jong-il a first hand demonstration of true Nuclear Power? History has shown the demonstration we gave Japan quickly turned an enemy into an ally.

At the request of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter repeated history by playing Neville Chamberlain to Kim Jong-il’s Hitler.
I believe it is time to repeat history once again, and let George Bush play Harry Truman to Kim Jong-il’s Hideki Tojo.


Written by thescolai

December 18, 2006 at 10:57 pm

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  1. Great Post !!! Man !!! you sound like someone from my loins….

    William Hampton

    December 19, 2006 at 5:57 am

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